Each month, Rosedale UC invites a local artist to display their work in our church. The paintings are available for sale through the artist, and all are welcome to come and visit the church for a closer look.

March 2020: Cherie Daly and Andrea Carroll

Cherie’s art is an expression of hope, energy and vitality. Difficult life experiences prompted growth and insights that are conveyed in her work.   She feels like she is conquering her fears.  Her work has bold shapes, active lines and complex colours.She begins with small exercises designed to stimulate her creativity.  These lead to larger work where she experiments with various media, including acrylic paint, collage, stamping and drawing.  She likes to work quickly and spontaneously, pausing to “listen” to her artwork and let it evolve. The results are often very different from what was anticipated in the first place.  Cherie is a former bureaucrat, turned mom/chauffeur/dog walker/volunteer, turned artist.  She lives in the beach in Toronto, spent time living in California and enjoys summers in Muskoka.  These experiences all inform her art.


Andrea learns from and works with Julie McMeekin, Suzanne Metz, Martha Johnson and other like minded Artists at ArteMbassy in Toronto. She also works in her home studio in Toronto and spends a lot of time up north on Papineau Lake. Andrea usually goes to a blank page, board or canvas without any expectation or idea of what her end result will be. This can often feel uncomfortable, intimidating, self indulgent or even reckless. Ultimately it is what she believes pushes her to discover that unknown territory within herself. Pushing her to that next level of discovery, to that new mark or response from the materials she has never seen before. Andrea describes her process as one of contemplation and meditation where observation, thought and feeling are transformed through the action of creating. She is always inspired by nature, her human experience and the materials she works with.