Each month, Rosedale UC invites a local artist to display their work in our church. The paintings are available for sale through the artist, and all are welcome to come and visit the church for a closer look. Our church building is open from 9:30am to 4pm, Mondays to Fridays, and on Sunday mornings from 10am to 12pm.

The current artist is Jenny Baboolal, Art of the Mas. Here is a description of  Art of the Mas:

 Art of the Mas is a photographic exhibition celebrating our carnival and its inherent creativity.   Every carnival involves a conglomerate of artists of various disciplines whose work come together in the different aspects of the celebrations.  

The photos capture the Children’s Carnival of Trinidad and Tobago which is similar to the adults’ carnival in scope and types of costumes involved.  

The children wear their costumes with pride and dance to the music in the company of family and friends.  

The result is an explosion of colour and creativity, resulting in ambrosia for the senses and magic for the soul.   In the throes of a carnival parade, it is difficult to stop and examine the costumes.

The exhibit allows the viewer to get a close up look at the masqueraders and the intricacies and splendour of their costumes, so that contemplation of these elements can occur.