The Service of Christian Marriage: Guidelines for Weddings

Scheduling your Wedding
Wedding License
We’re a Same-Sex Couple
Floral & other Decorations
Wedding Day
Following the Wedding

To make your scheduling request please contact Mary at   Our fee list is attached here

1) Scheduling your Wedding

The church should be booked for a wedding as soon as you determine a date for the event. We often have weddings booked 12 or 18 months ahead of the date, and we sometimes have several weddings within the day. That means an early booking helps to make sure you have both the date and time you want. On booking your wedding, arrangements can be made for a preliminary interview with the minister and an outline of music requirements provided to the music director.

2) Wedding License

The wedding license must be purchased less than three months in advance of your wedding date. We wish to receive the license in our office at least two weeks in advance of the wedding in order to make sure all details are in proper order. Both individuals involved in the marriage must fill out the application for the license (available at any city hall), and proof of age will be needed (normally birth certificate) before a license will be issued. Once you receive the license, the bride and groom are to fill out the back of the license which is entitled “Bridegroom” and “Bride”. The middle column indicates the categories for each line. Fill out only the information between the bold lines. If you have any questions on the information demanded, speak to the church office.

3) We’re a Same Sex Couple

Rosedale United Church is proud and privileged to perform marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples. We welcome persons of all sexual orientation and gender identities to celebrate life passages in this community.”

4) Music

Music is a powerful memory-maker and our Director of Music, Mr. Wayne Strongman, is happy to help you with your selection. He is available at  It is important that you discuss your music requirements directly with him well in advance of the wedding date as any special soloists need lead time to book.

Be aware, Mr. Strongman is the only musician authorized to play our Casavant pipe organ or Concert Steinway piano for church weddings. He can approve use by others.

We recognize the growing popularity of recorded music and our sound technician, Ben Graham,  is well experienced in synchronizing chosen songs with the order of service. 

5) Floral (and other) Decorations

Many couples wish to decorate the church with flowers or other suitable decorations. Please arrange the set-up of any displays with the church office. We try to make sure there are two hours between each wedding (leaving time for your pictures and set-up for the next wedding).

6) Photographs

We know the importance of capturing the moment in stills and video. For professional photographers, taking pictures is allowed during the processional, recessional, and signing of the register.  Videographers may set up in a place approved by the minister.

7) Rehearsal

A rehearsal date and time should be set in the first meeting with the minister. All of the members of the wedding party are encouraged to be at the rehearsal, including those escorting the bride. Each couple should decide carefully whom they would like at a rehearsal (often it is not helpful to have a large number of people present without a specific role). Soloists or special musical participants should arrange another time for rehearsing and ensure communication with Wayne Strongman, our music director, prior to use of the church instruments.

8) Wedding Day

Ushers are asked to be at the church about 25 to 30 minutes ahead of the wedding time. The groom and best man should arrive 15 minutes early, and proceed to the Catherine Grant room (southwest corner of main church floor). The bridal party should seek to arrive on time, and may move to the first reception room off the main doors (library) as the final guests are seated. Traditionally, the bride’s mother is seated last.

MAKEUP ARTISTS & PREPARATION VIDEOGRAPHERS – we recognize the growing popularity of these services and offer our spaces for a further 3 or 4 hours to the couple prior to the service – see the fee schedule.  


9) Fees

The total cost for your wedding is $ 1,650.00. This includes rental of the church for rehearsal and wedding, fees for minister, organist, church custodian, & administration cost. A down payment of $ 825.00 will hold your wedding date. The balance is due a week before the wedding payable to Rosedale United Church. While you are free to bring your own musician or minister (pending final approval by a Rosedale United Church minister) our fee remains unchanged.

NEW!!!   MAKEUP ARTISTS & PREPARATION VIDEOGRAPHERS recordings that require a further 3 or 4 hours of the church spaces and custodian time: We offer these spaces to you for your convenience for this purpose. Per our fee schedule here, the complete package with this extra time is $2,000  – we require $1,000 at booking and the balance at rehearsal date.  

10) Following the Wedding

The United Church here at Rosedale is a community. We are pleased to help you on this important day of your life and while our ministerial staff is available for support both before and after the wedding, please know you are most welcome to join us in worship every Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m.

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