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 This coming Sunday – February 14, Communion – Doug Norris preaching

This week begins the season of Lent – we will be offering daily reflections, contact here to sign on!

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Lent Reflection

“Somewhere there’s a land
where the sun brightly shines
and across the tundra, slow rivers wind.
Where love lives forever, and dreams never die,
somewhere there’s a land for you and I”

Susan Aglukark sings of the north, and her work is shaped by that land, the Inuk people and the very specific life and challenges of that place. Read more ›

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Sermon – ‘Don’t Rock the Boat, Baby’ Doug Norris

I see these three moving parts to make some remarks about today : Benjamin who has just been baptized in his home congregation, the hometown of Jesus which did not know how to handle the intensity of his prophetic ideas, and the reflection of the prophet Jeremiah who saw that even though it was confusing his work was both to tear down and to build up.

So there’s the map – in ten or twelve minutes all of that should make sense, and we can go to lunch. Or if it annoys you, you can run me out of town. Let’s see how this rolls. Read more ›

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Sermon: The Truth Hurts

Rev. Kristin Philipson

Nehemiah 8: 1-3, 5-6, 8-10

January 24, 2016 – Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany

“Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel,” is a children’s book written by Virginia Lee Burton and published in 1939 that we’ve read hundreds of times in our family.  Its story is simple: Mike Mulligan owns a steam shovel named Mary Anne.  Together they’ve had a productive and prolific career: they dug out the great canals to make way for boats; they cut through high mountain passes so trains could chug through.  They’d opened up the long and straight highways for cars and trucks to zoom along and they’d hollowed out the foundations for the tallest skyscrapers in the biggest cities. Read more ›

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We are a dynamic congregation of the United Church of Canada located in a quiet neighbourhood in the heart of Toronto. We currently share ministry with some 400 households from both our immediate neighbourhood and across the city.  We have a tradition of strong preaching, fine music, a welcoming environment, and compassionate outreach. Whether you are a long-time member or considering a first visit, we hope you will be at home among us.

Artist of the Month for Feb: Moira Mudie

Moira uses the ancient philosophy of Yin and Yang, learned over 40 years ago while studying in the orient. She works on rice paper, using ink and transparent washes, but incorporates her Canadian heritage and draws on nature for inspiration.

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