Sermon : ‘Pick A Card’

  May 29, 2016     Doug Norris

In the 1960’s the Moderator of the United Church was Bob McClure – a medical doctor, born of missionary parents who had barely survived fleeing the Boxer rebellion in China.  During his term as moderator he found himself offering some remarks on the occasion of a new well that had been installed in a village in India.  He looked around said said : ‘So we have a Mennonite well drilling team and we hired them with some Catholic money and a Protestant organization comes in with a few Muslim labourers, and look !  He holds up a cup – non-denominational water comes out the tap! Read more ›

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This next Sunday

May 29, Doug Norris preaching (‘Pick A Card, Any Card’), on how we might navigate the many varieties of church, living one expression of Jesus faithfully without denying others who are  living other expressions.  Sounds very gentle and, well, United Church.  But there is an edge.  Come find it.

Baptism celebration and a few other celebrations.  Hope you can join us.  There will be cake.


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Sermon : The Happiness Project

Rev. Kristin Philipson  – Trinity Sunday    Proverbs 8: 1-4, 22-31

Here’s a question that never gets old – it is as universal to humans as breathing; people asked it in biblical times and we still ask it today: what is it that matters most in this life?  What does it mean to live a life that matters?  This question doesn’t discriminate – rich or poor, gay or straight, young or old, black, or white, everybody wants to know what we should be about, how we should spend our time, what we should make a priority. Read more ›

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Sermon – ‘Sound of Voices Three’

  May 15, 2016    Doug Norris

The Day of Pentecost – based on Acts 2:1-21 (see below)

Here’s something that would have been absolutely mind-boggling, and probably dismissed as impossible, by prior centuries.

At this moment  as we sit here, radio waves, invisible to the eye and unavailable to the ear, are passing right through us.  Voices, songs, ideas.  A boy has just texted a girl he likes, someone is listening to country music, ’Dropkick me Jesus through the goalposts of life’, and there goes a TedTalk podcast about organic cork farming.  Just passing right through us. Read more ›

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Elva Hook

Elva Hook is a painter living in Toronto near High Park, Grenadier Pond and Lake Ontario. This area has been a continual source of inspiration for her work. Elva uses liquid acrylics and unique methods to create an abstract yet realistic impression of the beautiful waterscapes around Toronto. Learn more at:

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