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Sunday March 29, Palm Sunday, Communion , Doug Norris preaching :  ‘What Would Joe Do? - on  the day we honour the retirement of custodian Joe Houle – Doug will delve into how Joe has been an example of the messages of both Palm Sunday and the Lord’s Supper…

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What are We Living For?

March 22, 2015

Rev. Karen J. Bowles

The poem selected for the preaching text for this Sunday is by one Rabindranath Tagore, a man Indian by birth, who straddled the Anglo-Indian era during the first half of the 20th century.  He spent time in both England and the sub continent and wrote beautifully.  This particular piece of poetry, written pre independence,  was penned to describe the vision he held for a new, awakened India.

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Sermon : ‘New Born Worlds Rise’

March 15, 2015     Doug Norris

New born worlds rise…

When the last hymn has been sung, and the last sermon has been preached, when the last of the committee meetings has approved their last set of minutes, the last soup ladled out at the lunch downtown, when the last of the 30 pound textbooks on systematic theology have been put on the shelf, when the last of the various fundamentalists have exhausted themselves in battle, this will be the only story left standing, the only one we need to know.  New born worlds rise.  Over and over.  Evermore, from God’s store, new born worlds rise and adore…

That’s where I’m going to end up today, and to get there, a brief detour.  Through a couple of readings. Read more ›

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Sermon : ‘We May Not Be Strong, But We’re Weak’

Doug Norris – March 8, 2015

The apostle Paul was not stupid.  In fact he was extremely clever.  But he understood that in order to be wise he would have to embrace a foolishness.

If I ever fully understand this, I will have arrived at something, I think – but here is my swing of the bat for today – he understood that in order to be wise he would have to embrace a foolishness.  It was the foolishness of Jesus, that in order to be great we will have to become small and to be first we will become last and to become a king we will become a servant and to be strong we will be weak.  Like so many of the spiritual teachings there is an absurdity – like the Zen koan – to break into our logic and shift us to a new possibility. Read more ›

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