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Sunday May 10 – Kristin Philipson preaching.


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Sermon : Bread for the Journey

Doug Norris      May 3, 2015

(see the readings)

I found an old friend this week.  So to speak.

Some words I recalled often, from long ago, but could not locate.  I had a Christmas card one year, from Romero House, a community of refugees here in Toronto.  Mary Jo Leddy.  (Heart & Vision award next week).

‘We still sing’ was all I could recall.  The quote on the front of the card was part of a letter written by Guatemalan refugees in Mexico, to Salvadoran refugees in Honduras.

We still pray we still sing we still dream of the day when the birds will return and the flowers and our lost loved ones.  We still live with the belief that love and gentleness and faith will blossom forth one day like roses in winter.  We still believe that God will be born again in our land as we prepare the stable of our hearts for the birth of a new people.

A litany of hopefulness from a people on a tiring and dangerous journey. Read more ›

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Sermon: Rolling Away the Rock


April 19, 2015  (Genesis 29:1-3, Luke 24:36-43)                         Karen J. Bowles

click below for the audio of the gathering prayer by Kristin Philipson

Click below for the audio of the sermon and the prayers of the community


Rolling Away the Rock

I don’t judge it foundational if you believe in the resurrection.  I don’t think it makes you a Christian if  you believe or not that Jesus rose again.  But I do care about where this story takes you. Does the reappearance of Jesus define your faith?  Does the reappearance of Jesus impact your  faith? Does the reappearance of Jesus shake your faith?  If this part of the story were not here would your faith change? Read more ›

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Sermon : ‘Ancient Love Rolls On

April 12, 2015     (Deuteronomy 34:1-9 ,  Matthew 2:34-46)                Doug Norris

I have had a song rolling through my head the past couple of days.  maybe because the land is changing again.  Now the green blade rises.  Do you remember Susan Aglukark?  An Inuk singer, she was briefly successful in the 1980’s, a series of albums, we heard her in concert.  She sang of the Canadian north, the arctic and its people.  The song that often rolls back around for me is ‘Somewhere there’s a land, where the sun brightly shines, and across the tundra, slow rivers wind, where love lives forever, where dreams never die, somewhere there’s a land for you and I.’ Read more ›

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