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Next Services :   Wednesday March 1 : 8pm ‘Evensong’, Ash Wednesday, a quiet contemplative gathering.   Saturday March 4, 10:30 am, ‘World Day of Prayer,   Sunday March 5, Doug Norris preaching.
*  Sunday School and nursery care are offered each week.
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Sermon – ‘Two Question Exam’

‘Two Question Exam.   One Answer.’    

Here is the simple version of what we will encounter in our AGM today :  This is a strong and effective congregation, with a deep and beautiful legacy.   And, we are watching for some new strength.  Aware we have a bit of time, but not forever, we are watching the horizon for markers of where the beautiful path next leads.  What a very fruitful intersection to be in.

Two weeks ago – Clare Barry and I were at a couple of services in the area, part of the Renewal explorations – and we made a classic error – we sat in the front row at an Anglican service – which means you can’t be entirely sure when to stand and when to sit and when to kneel.  You’ve got to have have a longtime Anglican somewhere in front of you to follow.  (You’ll thank me for this.)

Not a lot, but a few times we looked at each other : What do we do now?     Read more ›

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Sermon : ‘A West Side Story’


Here is an observation about Jesus.  We ought to do this each week – we ought to say something about Jesus.   It really is our core work.  My observation for this week goes like this : either he was badly misrepresented by his editors, or he had an entirely unrealistic view of human nature.  It’s possible that both are true. Read more ›

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Sermon : ‘Telling Tales’ – Kristin Philipson

Deuteronomy 30:15-20

Humans are distinct from other animals not because we use tools and other animals don’t; sea otters and crows, octopuses and gorillas are just a few of the animals that use tools as well.  Neither are we alone in our use of language to communicate; chimpanzees and bonobos and whales and dolphins can all speak to each other using a kind of lexicon.  Coyotes and bald eagles are known to mate for life, orangutans and polar bears and cheetahs nurse their young, and elephants are said to have an understanding of mortality – they grieve, just like us.  But humans, as far as scientists can tell, are the only animals that have mastered the use of story.  Joan Didion wrote in a collection of essays called “The White Album” that, “We tell ourselves stories in order to live.”  For the human species stories are creative, generative.  Stories help us process what we see, but stories can also alter our vision, they are that powerful. Read more ›

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We are a dynamic congregation of the United Church of Canada located in a quiet neighbourhood in the heart of Toronto. We currently share ministry with some 400 households from both our immediate neighbourhood and across the city.  We have a tradition of strong preaching, fine music, a welcoming environment, and compassionate outreach. Whether you are a long-time member or considering a first visit, we hope you will be at home among us.

Artist of the Month: Sarah Campbell

Rosedale United Church has a special place in my heart. The church welcomed my little family in the warmest way years ago and it is a privilege to show my work here. I began painting as a child and enjoyed studies at The Ontario College of Art.

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