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May 1 – Communion service,  Doug Norris  preaching : ‘Fast Food Nation’.  Looking at the words of St Paul to the congregation in Corinth who were practicing a version of the Eucharist that was unjust, not paying attention to the food needs of the poor.


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Sermon : ‘Fast Food Nation’

Doug Norris (based on 1 Corinthians 11 : 17 ff)

Let me tell a Communion story.  It is summer 1977.  The BeeGees are the hot ticket.  At the top of the charts in Toronto is  ‘I’m Your Boogie Man’, KC and the Sunshine Band.  The Toronto Blue Jays are in their first season and on their way to finishing 45 games out of first place.  A teenaged boy sits in a pew in First United Church in Mississauga.  It is a Communion Sunday, which only rolls around every three months or so, and the preacher the Rev Earlby S. Coulter was reading this passage from the letter to the Corinthians – about the danger of coming to Communion in a morally unworthy condition.  So then, whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of sinning against the body and blood of the Lord. Read more ›

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Sermon: Charter Addition

Rev. Karen J. Bowles

Genesis 1:1-13, Job 12:7-12


Let us pray and this prayer is adapted from a prayer by Sandra Mattucci related to me by Anne Simmonds.

Residing in each of us—A Seed.

In the darkness we make our way.

Through chaos we RISE.

In the Ordinary—we are moved, reshaped, changed and yet the same.

ALWAYS—we are becoming…

spreading our branches to comfort, to heal, to nourish, to shelter.

This day, Mother Earth, with gratitude we celebrate the soils into which you have planted us.

This day we pray with gratitude for this day and this time and these people. Read more ›

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Sermon : ‘Who On Earth?’

April 17, 2016       Doug Norris

So here is a sequence of four questions that starts with Jesus and moves to Paul and ends up with us.  Hopefully.  Otherwise it’s just a history lesson.  I hope this works.

Jesus asks : Who do they say I am?,  then,  Who do you say I am?   And Paul asks : Who do you think you are?, and then,  Who do you think we are?  And in that last question we land in the intersection of us and this hungry world – who do you think we are ?  What are we going to do, this week, to bring hope?  It is the only reason we have to gather. Read more ›

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We are a dynamic congregation of the United Church of Canada located in a quiet neighbourhood in the heart of Toronto. We currently share ministry with some 400 households from both our immediate neighbourhood and across the city.  We have a tradition of strong preaching, fine music, a welcoming environment, and compassionate outreach. Whether you are a long-time member or considering a first visit, we hope you will be at home among us.

Artist of the Month for May: Elva Hook
Elva Hook

Elva Hook is a painter living in Toronto near High Park, Grenadier Pond and Lake Ontario. This area has been a continual source of inspiration for her work. Elva uses liquid acrylics and unique methods to create an abstract yet realistic impression of the beautiful waterscapes around Toronto. Learn more at:

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