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This next Sunday    Celebration of baptism, Doug preaching : ‘Do You See What I Don’t See?’  
On finding a way to see Jesus when we can’t, of course, ever see Jesus.  And it comes with an edge.  More about this on Sunday…  (Reading : Matthew 25 : 31-40) Hope you can join us.
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Sermon ‘Do You See What I Don’t See?’

Some day, somebody’s going to come in here and call our bluff.  Maybe today, maybe one of you.   Somebody’s going to stand up in a pew, maybe during the sermon, or a prayer, and say ‘Excuse me!   Excuse me!  This makes no sense.   You want me to follow this Jesus, right ?‘   I’ll say, ‘Yes, that’s right.’   ‘To see him as a companion on my journey, right?‘   And I’ll say ‘Yes, that’s right.’     ‘Well, I can’t see him!  He’s not here!  Show him to me!‘    And I’ll say ‘I can’t’ Read more ›

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Sermon : Big Differences

Rev. Kristin Philipson  June 19, 2016 – 5th after Pentecost – Father’s Day  Galatians 3:23-29

Shortly after we moved into our house the city planted a maple tree in our front yard and at our next-door neighbour’s.  Our yards both face the same direction, the trees were the same variety, and when they were planted they were about the same height, but ten years later our tree is flourishing and shades the front window of our house while our neighbour’s tree has hardly grown at all; you’d think it had just been planted.  When my neighbour and I happen to be out front at the same time I always make sure to compliment her on the other parts of her garden, out of a sense of pity – it’s so free of weeds, I might say.  I never mention the huge difference in the size of our trees, though maybe I should.  Is it better to overlook differences or to name them? Read more ›

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Sermon : ‘One Life At A Time, Please’

 Doug Norris  (based on Ephesians 3, 4)

I had a Bible emergency this week.  I was conducting a wedding, and as usual a couple of people were going to speak the readings.  I called the first one forward, and was impressed that she seemed to have memorized the reading – at least, she didn’t have any paper with her, and when she got to the front, she looked at me expectantly – I asked – ‘Do you have the reading?  and she said ‘I thought you would have it.’  OK, a bit of a snag, but I have my iPad with me and I have the readings there – so I tap-tap-tap, and see that in a recent upgrade to my operating system all of my text documents have disappeared.  100 people are watching, and I have to say the whole wedding was pretty chaotic so nobody will have been too surprised that something odd was going on.  But now I’m sweating and my heart is pounding.  My first thought was – just turn to the congregation and say something that sounds Biblical.  Read more ›

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Elva Hook

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