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Next Service : Sunday October 23, 10:30am, with Doug Norris preaching : “Even the Sparrow Has a Nest”.      Sunday School and nursery care are offered each week.

Click here to see full info on first Social Ministries Council event in ‘Shelter’ series – film night, showing ‘Lowdown Tracks’ Thursday October 27, 7:30pm.


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Sermon : ‘Even The Sparrow Has a Nest’

Doug Norris    (based on Luke 18:9-14)

“Even the sparrow has a nest in your house, God…”   I was caught by this one line in the Psalm RJ read for us today.  Two visual memories occurred.  In Jerusalem, not far from where the Temple stood, a hundred meters or so, there is a set of ancient ruins, just a few of the walls of an old fortress, and they have been turned into a garden, paths and benches and flowers, and high up on one of the walls I saw a bird (for symmetry let me say it was a sparrow) fly up and in a crack in this old stone wall it had made a nest.  So I saw that – this was ten years or so ago – and recalled this Psalm.  “Even the sparrow has a nest in your house, God…” Read more ›

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Sermon : ‘Limping Into the Promised Land’

October 16, 2016      Doug Norris    (based on Genesis 32:27-33)

I spent some time this week with a friend in the neighborhood.  Young guy.  He is going into hospital this week.  Understandably, he is unsettled.

Here are the basics of what he knows – 3 things :  I have to be here in this difficult place.   After, it will not be like before.   And I don’t know what that will look like.
Without letting my eyes rest on anyone in particular I could scan the room here and know that a number of you have been in this kind of place.   This is a template  for our stories.  It is the unavoidable algebra of our human living.     In your homes, offices, hospitals and places of grief, at times we’ve known only these three things :

We have to be here in a hard place.  After it will not be like before.  And  we don’t know what it will look like. Read more ›

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Sermon – ‘Now You See Me. (Now You Don’t.)’

 Doug Norris        

At the end of all of our strivings here – when I have preached my last sermon and the last committee has met, when the last General Council has wrapped up and the last hymn has been sung,  here is all that will matter : did we, because of all of this, learn and grow more likely to perceive that the world is a holy place and the people are a holy presence and did we see it all, even if only at moments, to be a presence of God?     And did this take us to a lived love that brought light?  That’s the thing that will matter.  When it all gets counted up at the end. Read more ›

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