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 Centennial Events – coming soon!

Friday October 24, 7pm   Songs of Faith – a Hymn Sing and Choir evening, with reception.

Sunday October 26, 10:30 am  Centennial Service, Doug Norris preaching : ‘Like The Days of a Tree’.  Light lunch to follow.  (RSVP here)


Have a look at our fall 2014 programs brochure! (PDF)2014 programs

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Sermon : “Light Through Yonder Window Breaks

October 19, 2014       Doug Norris

– We stand on the shoulders of giants – so as to see further…  We have this week, now to honour the giants of this place.  What a delight.

‘I have looked far and wide…’  Malcolm Muggeridge wrote : “I have looked far and wide, inside and outside of my own head and heart, and I have found nothing other than this man and his words which offer any hope for our tragic and troubled times.  If his light has gone out then there is no light…”
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Sermon : ‘Renew Our Minds to Choose’

October 12, 2014               Doug Norris

So here are the moving parts I see today, Thanksgiving Sunday : scarcity – abundance – relationship.  These are not specifically religious ideas, of course – they are the building blocks of any system of human thought – spiritual, political , economic…  Some alignment of these three things is the core of every human community.  Scarcity-abundance-relationship.

Since we’re part of a religious system here, let me begin with some basic Bible study.  Over the past number of weeks we’ve been hearing the Book of the Exodus, the early part of the story.    I’ll recap. Read more ›

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Sermon : Invited Again

A sermon delivered by theology Student Jason Meyers, October 12, Grand River United Church

Well, it is wonderful to be here amongst you.   I am so grateful to be here. But I have to admit that I’m also quite nervous. I am still pretty new to this preaching thing. I hope I can bring something out of these very old words that you can carry home with you. But I’m nervous, because it’s a very odd Gospel reading today – Matthew’s parable of the wedding banquet (Matt 22:1-14).   Where at best Jesus’s words are confusing, at worst they seem down right harsh and judgmental.   But, before we dive in and try and make heads or tails of them, lets review the elements of the story. Read more ›

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We are a dynamic congregation of the United Church of Canada located in a quiet neighbourhood in the heart of Toronto. We currently share ministry with 430 households from both our immediate neighbourhood and across the City.  We have a tradition of wonderful music, strong preaching, and a welcoming environment. Whether you are a long-time member or considering a first visit, be at home among us.

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