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Next Services :       Sunday March 26, Doug Norris preaching, celebration of baptism, Fourth Sunday of Lent.
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Sermon – March 26

A Baptism Sermon,    Doug Norris  

John 9:1-7 , Ephesians 5:8-14

A few minutes of Bible, then some suggestions about what to give a baby like Luke as a gift on the occasion of his baptism.

From the Bible today :   In John’s gospel, the miracle story of the healing of a blind man.  And from Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, words of encouragement – ‘You have become the light!’


First – a trivia question.  Just holler it out if you know it.  What Toronto store was famous for, among other things, giving away 1500 turkeys free every Christmas for thirty years ? Read more ›

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Sermon – ‘The Subtext’

Kristin Philipson. March 19, 2017  –  Lent 3


The Subtext      John 4:5-42

Did you catch the biggest news story of the past week?  The video for this story has gone viral; it’s been all over Facebook and Twitter – even The Globe and Mail and The National Post have covered it – and I’m not talking about the election in the Netherlands or the Republican healthcare plan or Justin Trudeau’s night out in New York City.  I’m talking about the story of Marion Kelly, the four-year-old girl who burst into her dad’s home office while he was being interviewed live on BBC World News.  Here’s the clip:

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Sermon: The “A” Words

The second Sunday of Lent

Karen Bowles

John 3: 1-10, ‘Reduced to Joy, by Mark Nepo

I have had the privilege over the last few years of hearing a lot about pedagogy sitting on the Board of Regents of Victoria College at the U of T.  And one of the areas that is being focussed upon in much higher learning is the experiential – learning from experience.  Those who design curriculum and study education are constantly referring to individual styles of learning – not one size fits all.

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We are a dynamic congregation of the United Church of Canada located in a quiet neighbourhood in the heart of Toronto. We currently share ministry with some 400 households from both our immediate neighbourhood and across the city.  We have a tradition of strong preaching, fine music, a welcoming environment, and compassionate outreach. Whether you are a long-time member or considering a first visit, we hope you will be at home among us.

Artist of the Month: PAKS

Our March “Artist of the Month” is PAKS. A graduate of Toronto School of Art in 2010, PAKS has participated in over two dozen exhibitions, completed several commissions and has paintings in corporate and private collections. Her paintings and drawings gently invite you to consider contradictions, intersections and juxtapositions.

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