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This Sunday November 23 : Doug Norris preaching : ‘Oh, Hell!’


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Sermon : ‘Oh, Hell’

“Oh, Hell”        November 23, 2014      Doug Norris

Some day, somebody’s going to come in here and call our bluff.  Maybe today, maybe one of you.

Somebody’s going to stand up in a pew, maybe during the sermon, or a prayer, and say ‘Excuse me!   Excuse me!  This makes no sense.   You want me to follow this Jesus, right ?‘   I’ll say, ‘Yes, that’s right.’
‘To see him as a companion on my journey, right?‘   And I’ll say ‘Yes, that’s right.’
‘Well, I can’t see him!  He’s not here!  Show him to me!‘    And I’ll say ‘I can’t’

And this will expose the gaping hole in our system. Read more ›

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Sermon : Peace is in the Path

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Sermon by Rev Karen J Bowles   (see readings below)

What,  Jesus? – you say you left your peace with those around you – you say you gave your peace to them. Well, not sure if you know the history of your followers but most did not live and die well. Most were killed by the world around them in particularly painful ways. How peaceful was that?

What Jesus? – you say to not be afraid – you say do not be troubled.

Have you visited lately? Have you seen the destruction we wreak on one another?Have you felt the pain and the anguish and the heartache? Have you heard the cries of the children, the despair of so many on this spinning planet? How can we be unafraid?

There are some mornings, there are some decades, there are some lives, Jesus, when everything simply creaks with fear. Erasmus.

What is this peace you leave with us? What is this peace you give? Read more ›

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Sermon – ‘The Peace is in the Pieces’

Some of us live and some of us die, someday God’s going to tell us why,
Open your heart, and grow with what life sends.  That’s your ticket to the festival of friends….
Jesus is here and he’s coming again to lead us to his festival of friends…
Whatever happens, it’s not the end – we’ll meet agan at the festival of friends.  (Bruce Cockburn)

Let me try a brief inventory, as I begin here, some things I think I know.  A fixed point to begin from.  I know this – to be a follower of the ways of Jesus can’t be any less than a search for peace.  All of the many and various things we do eventually distill to this.   This inquiry, this longing.

Peace within because we arrive here with turbulences, and broken places in our head and heart.
Peace as justice because we understand that our neighbours are not all doing well.
Peace with our enemies – as astonishing as that sounds.

So I know that much today.  To follow Jesus is to be a path toward peace. Read more ›

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