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Rev. Kristin Philipson

Exodus 16: 2-15

I have learned through trial and error over the years that key to any successful journey is having good directions. This past summer I rented a car and drove from Vancouver to the Okanagan Valley. Now it wasn’t the first time I’d done the drive and I thought I was well prepared. No, I didn’t have a cell phone – I had planned to “disconnect” over the summer – nor did I have a GPS, but I had my little Google map all printed out, and I was sure I could trust these directions. I picked up the car, got everything settled, and read out the first step: Head west on Bridgeport Road toward Shell Road. I was on my way! And there was Shell, right where the directions said it would be: so far, so good. Now, I read, take the first left onto Shell Road. Done! I figured this would be easy. Step number three: Turn left onto BC-91. And I was stuck. The street sign in front of me read “Alderbridge Way.” I looked for signs of the highway that I was supposed to turn on to. Were the directions referring to this simple, two-lane, suburban street? Should I trust the directions? Read more ›

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Sermon : ‘Written In Dirt”

Rev Karen J Bowles

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Written in the dirt

I am asking for your indulgence this morning – I was making rather merry last night ( to quote Bob Cratchit – from Dickens Christmas Carol) and I am in a state of vicarious happiness this morning – yesterday we celebrated in this Sanctuary with my  brother in law Steve and his new wife Diana – 4 years ago we marked his first wife’s Joannie’s death in this place – and yesterday we celebrated a new beginning – as Steve so eloquently put it to his new wife in his speech:  “You have taken a broken heart and mended it.”  It was a very good day. Read more ›

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Sermon ‘Jesus Wore Bifocals’

Doug Norris

So I tried out a new practice this summer.  Or actually, I tried to get more focused on a longtime goal.  To see well.  Specifically, to watch for and to see beauty.    A prayer we read in a group this week, by Philip Newell : ‘May I see, God, you are are the glowing glory, glistening in the eye of every creature…’

Thomas Merton has an idea I Iike – that every moment is a gateway into compassion.  Every instant, the place I am and the things right in front of me are a possibility of compassion.  To see deeply, to respond. Read more ›

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