Sermon: Upping the Ante

A closer look at the altar in Saint Nicholas church.  Truly beautiful, with lots of detail.

The Shot:
- ISO 100, 12mm, f20, 2, 8 and 30 sec.
- People were passing by, but as long as they didn't stay still it is hard to see them.
- I had to do this many times until I got lucky and nobody stopped to look at the altar for any length of time.
- Shot on a Gorilla tripod set on the floor.

- Painterly effect with a bit more micro contrast, reduced temperature, and increased luminosity and gamma to even out the tones.

- Imagenomic noise reduction.
- Curves to reset black point.
- Nik Color Efex: Pro Contrast to remove yellow cast and add contrast.
- Nik Color Efex: White Neutralizer to return grey color to the grey columns.
- Nik Color Efex: Color Contrast to enhance the yellows.
- Nik Color Efex: Tonal Contrast on the statues.
- Nik Color Efex: Darken/Lighten Center.

July 26, 2015, Rev Karen J. Bowles

For those of you who checked your in-box this weekend, you would have seen the picture I posted there of the altar of St Nicholas Church in Prague.  To call it a church would be an understatement – more of a cathedral – although in Prague as in much of Europe – grandiose piles with soaring vaulted ceilings, remarkable frescoes and impressive statuary are as ‘plentiful as blackberries’ to quote Shakespeare, in summer and all would seem to warrant a more impressive title than church by North American standards of this word.  But it being Europe and it being Prague, a place where tour guides offhandedly say “the present church dates from the 13th century”, this Church of St Nicholas was no different in many ways from other churches of similar antiquity, dripping with gold on the altars, every side chapel containing reliquaries of various saints, mostly bones, and every possible cornice and corner, wall and ceiling, festooned with some remarkable and some not so remarkable art.   Read more ›

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Sermon: The Good Life

Rev. Kristin Philipson

Mark 6:30-34, 53-56

July 19, 2015, 8th after Pentecost

Most of us have one main “to-do” during the summer time and that is to put work aside for at least a week (or more if we’re lucky) and head out to our own deserted place to rest –anywhere that finds us without any distractions.  Whether we go camping or to a cottage, we know we’ve arrived at our deserted place when we find ourselves (in the course of our first real day away) stretched out, taking in the view and a sip of whatever refreshing drink we have in hand, breathing in deeply, exhaling audibly and then saying to ourselves (or whoever we happen to be with), “now this is living.”  No comings or goings in sight, just leisure; free time to spend however we want to.  Time to indulge ourselves.  Read more ›

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The Latest:

During August we will not be gathering Sunday mornings, but our neighbour church Rosedale Presbyterian will welcome any guests.  Our first Sunday back is September 6 with Doug preaching and communion. 


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Sermon ‘There is a Tree’

Jason Meyers – July 12, 2015 – Based on Amos 7:10-14

There is a tree on the corner of Church and Queen in downtown Toronto. I think it’s a sycamore tree – perhaps one of you one day will correct me on this – but I think it’s a sycamore. And it is really something – towering and stately. It’s the kind of tree you might seek shelter under if surprised by a sudden rain. Read more ›

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"Expressing myself and the world around me through drawing and painting has been a “Leitfaden” throughout my life. My background as a cartographer, interior designer and art therapist, all have influenced the style and images of my work. This found expression in the geometrically ordered, aesthetically pleasing, or ultimately organic images." Learn more at:

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