Our Artist of the Month program offers a large light-filled gallery space flowing aroung the main floor of the church building. With spotlights and rail hangers, we can host some 25 – 30 pieces, including large institutional pieces to smaller pieces intended for an intimate space.

Our October Artists:

Ann Marie Higgins and Sue Folinsbee

Hanging in our gallery this month, we welcome: 

Sue Folinsbee – got the photography bug in 2007.  Her  interest in making images comes out of a place of contemplation, the art of seeing with “new eyes” and being in the present moment.  Her goal is to make the familiar strange and create mystery. She asks the viewer to go into their imagination to create meaning for themselves and see what is beneath the surface.

Ann Marie Higgins – has been exhibiting her paintings since 2006. Principally an artist who embraces abstract theory, Ann Marie considers her painted environments from a contemporary point of view. Her intention is to achieve an atmospheric depth with a mere suggestion of image, thereby inviting the viewer to create their own story.

Sue Folinsbee – Ageing










Anne Marie Higgins – Sooke Sky








Note about viewing art at the church:  Please call ahead. Generally the viewing areas are available between 9am – 5pm.   You can contact the church office here or at 416-924-0725 ext 21.