Our Artist of the Month program offers a large light-filled gallery space flowing around the main floor of the church building. With spotlights and rail hangers, we can host some 15 – 25 pieces, including large institutional pieces to smaller pieces intended for an intimate space.

Our December/January Artist:  Gabrielle Craig

Many years ago I was very familiar in the use of a drafting material called MYLAR, which was used to produce architectural drawings for reproduction. This material has now found new popularity by artists as it not only accomodates the use of oils, acrylics, transfers and inks, but any other kind of painting materials, including watercolour inks. 
I re-discovered mylar about eight years ago and enjoy the many uses it offers along with it’s transparency. In other words, you may create a background colour applying it to one side, and creating the foreground on the other side. This flexibility offers unending possibilities which, to this day, I have not exhausted yet.

This means that the Forest, Seascape and Abstract Series are all produced with watercolour inks and mixed media, meaning, including other textured materials and/or transfers on mylar. 

The ENCAUSTIC Series are produced by melting Beeswax and combining it with oil paints, using another exciting means of creating textures…..
In the Abstract series, again I am using watercolour inks along with mixed media, may it be collages or otherwise.
The Black and White Series are again works on Mylar using inks and acrylic mediums.
…and, in my latest project, the Equine Series, I am using Pastels on mylar as well as water-colours on paper…. 

Note about viewing art at the church:  Please call ahead. Generally the viewing areas are available between 10am – 4pm.   You can contact the church office at churchoffice@rosedaleunited.org or at 416-924-0725 ext 101.