Bible Study

It is the understanding of the congregation and staff team at Rosedale United that the Scriptures (The Old and New Testaments of the Bible) are a foundational text for our life as a community of faith.  They are not the only texts, and we will often look to other literature and sources of wisdom, but these texts are our starting point.

Our principal opportunities for study of the Bible are Sunday morning readings and sermons, and occasional evening study sessions.

Most often our readings are drawn from the Lectionary, an ecumenical, three-year cycle of weekly readings.  Occasionally the preacher for that week will select different readings.

If you have specific questions and would like a conversation with one of our clergy, always pleased to respond, please contact Doug Norris, Karen Bowles, or Kristin Philipson.

Welcome to our Congregation Members.

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Sermon : Please Do Not Disturb

Doug Norris  (Is.40 : 27-31 , Mk 1 : 29-39) I’ll begin with a confession.  I have been caught sleeping on the job.   Among the various odd items sitting around my office -...

Reflections on Gibimishkaadamin

Gibimishkaadamin is a yearly canoe trip of Indigenous and Non Indigenous Youth from across the country held in August.  The youth gathered in Toronto this past weekend and...

Sermon : ‘Curry In Carnoustie’

 Doug Norris A couple of weeks ago I asked for some themes to discuss, here in my last set of sermons.  -  I got a  very fine and challenging response - from Jocelyn. I’ll...

Sermon : ‘A Word From The Wise”

January 27, 2019     Doug Norris I found a little booklet.  I have been sifting through my office, several decades of accumulation.  Photos from youth group retreats when I...

Sermon: Being ‘Gifted’

1 Corinthians 12: 1-11,  Rev. Karen Bowles I will speak this morning of some ‘W’ words - ‘worth’ and ‘weal’ and ‘warf and weft’. Infighting in the church is certainly...

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