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Sermon: Love is/is not a Victory March

Palm Sunday, Karen Bowles

Matthew 21:1-11

We have heard the reading describing Jesus entry into Jerusalem at the beginning of the Jewish festival of the Passover – the marking of the Jews release and eventual flight from Egypt.  Tensions are high – the Romans are in control – the Jews are searching for a Promised One – a Messiah to release them from yet another bondage.  In our present day, think any group of people, nation or religion that are restive under outside rule or any group of people, nation or religion that are seeking to assert the legitimacy of their rule, their power, their kingdom.  In the march of human history there are no end to these scenarios and they have been played out since we began gathering in groups and encountering others gathered also in groups.  And in most of these there is a strong one – one that comes to the fore to ride out in front of the parade, the march, the victory.  And often the strong one is the one who should not be riding in front.  Often the strong one is most full of fear and least able to lead – the one full of his/her own power and glory, seeking kingdom.

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Sermon : ‘Aching Love Rolls On’

  April 2, 2017        Doug Norris   (see reading below)


I came across an old photo this week, from five or six years ago, at the end of my last sabbatical, I was on a hike on the Bruce Trail with Jason Meyers.  Walking up through a rocky little valley, and on a small cliff face someone had scrawled a question.  Maybe their time in the valley had made them melancholy, maybe they were hiking to work off the pain of a romantic failure.   In any event, they had scrawled onto the rock face, and Jason took a picture of me pointing to it : WHAT IS LOVE?   The perennial existential question.  But what I’m really pointing to in the photo are the two replies some other people had scratched into the rock just underneath, in smaller letters.  Jesus.  Bacon. Read more ›

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Sermon – March 26

A Baptism Sermon,    Doug Norris  

John 9:1-7 , Ephesians 5:8-14

A few minutes of Bible, then some suggestions about what to give a baby like Luke as a gift on the occasion of his baptism.

From the Bible today :   In John’s gospel, the miracle story of the healing of a blind man.  And from Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, words of encouragement – ‘You have become the light!’


First – a trivia question.  Just holler it out if you know it.  What Toronto store was famous for, among other things, giving away 1500 turkeys free every Christmas for thirty years ? Read more ›

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