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Acts 17: 22-31, May 21, 2018

Rev. Kristin Philipson

I know many of you are avid CBC radio listeners and so there may be a few here who happened to catch the noontime call-in show, “Ontario Today,” this past Thursday.  The question for callers was this: “if someone dared to ask about your abortion, what would you tell them?”

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Sermon : ‘Parched.’

‘Parched”      May 14, 2017         Doug  Norris

Not long ago, coming down the big hill on Avenue Road just south of St Clair, where for a moment the confines of the city ease off and a view out over to the lake opens up, coming down that hill in the car I stopped believing in God.  For all the usual reasons.

Just to be clear, nothing to do with Avenue Rd, or St Clair – it’s a nice part of town.  It’s just where I happened to be when a few things crowded into my awareness – news on the radio again of refugees, famine in Sudan, a   and my heart sank and the sinking of my heart pushed aside the possibility of God, for a time.  A few hours later I was a believer again.  Begrudgingly.  But this is how it goes, isn’t it?  Read more ›

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Sermon : ‘Truth Is Stranger.’

May 7, 2017     Doug Norris         

You may have seen this bumper sticker.  One of my current favorites.  ‘Honk if you love Jesus.  Text while driving if you want to see him’ .  Seeing Jesus.  I’ll come back to this in a moment.

When you take the bread in a few minutes, contemplate its life.   It is a simple thing, from the Summerhill market, came out of a bag like any other bread –  but it has a complex inner life.  It holds what was once wheat waving in a field, water that flowed, workers who have grown it, the baker who carried a sack of flour, someone who measured it out, a bit of this, a bit of that.  They are not here but they are here.

Seeing what is here but isn’t here.  This is a spiritual practice.  Contemplation. Read more ›

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Sermon : ‘One.’

‘One.’        Doug Norris   

Anything I have ever accomplished in ministry I owe to my Grade 13 Math teacher, Mr Shelly.  Who would be startled and confused to hear me say that.  I’ll come back to this shortly.

The text we’ve just read together is a modernized version of the ancient text of the Jewish community, a text known as the Sh’ma.

In its more traditional wording it begins this way : Hear, O Israel, The Lord our God, is ONE. Love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength.   It is from Deuteronomy 6.  But it is also in Matthew – when they asked Jesus what is the most important commandment – he went to those words.  Read more ›

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