Christ is Risen! An Easter Sunday Sermon

Rev. Kristin Philipson, Luke 24:1-12 A couple of weekends ago I got a text from a friend, it was Saturday afternoon.  “I know it’s short notice,” she wrote, “but do you want...

Reflections for Palm Sunday: Sharing our Deepest Convictions

By Corey Copeland, Rose Mina Munjee, and Rev. Dr. Anne L. Simmonds, Luke 19:28-40 A Reflection by Corey Copeland: If I had to focus on one conviction at the very bottom of...

Sermon: People Change

Rev. Kristin Philipson, John 12:1-8, Lent 5 So I googled “keys to successful relationships” this past week and got all kinds of insight.  People in successful relationships...

Rev Dr. Anne Simmonds

2019-04-17 Rev Dr. Anne Simmonds When we initiate a “new beginning” in our life, it can be exciting and energizing.  When a “new beginning” is thrust upon us, coming around...

Sermon – ‘Learning To Not Know’

March 31, 2019  Doug Norris Before I begin to preach, let me say a bit about how it has been to be a preacher here.   In this 20 square feet of floorspace.    This is all...

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