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 We gather again on Sunday September 2nd, 2018 at 10:30 am –  Rev. Kristin Philipson leading,

during August we worship at Rosedale Presbyterian

In Times of Crisis

John 6:1-21, 10th after Pentecost, Kristin Philipson

A week ago today a young man made his way to a lively and family-friendly high street on a beautiful summer evening, took a loaded handgun out of the bag he was carrying and began to shoot at people. Danforth Avenue is within walking distance of Rosedale United Church and the neighborhoods that are adjacent to it are home to a number of our members. Some of our members used to live there and many of us visit frequently to shop or eat or see concerts or catch up with friends. Last Sunday night was warm and in Toronto that meant whole families were still out reveling in the fact that they didn’t need to be bundled up inside at 10pm, which is when the gunman began his spree. In total thirteen people were injured and three people (including the gunman) lost their lives. read more…

Sermon: Settled


2 Samuel 7:1-14a, Kristin Philipson

It had been a long time since David had felt this way; settled, like he’d finally been able to exhale after a long time holding his breath; settled, like his insides were a clean and tidy room, everything ordered, swept, and dusted. He had had to reach far back into his memories to locate the last time he had felt this way, and the search had taken him tumbling back through the catalogue of his experience and into the body of his boyhood. For a moment he could feel the strength of the ground propping up his back and he could smell the green grass and even feel how it prickled against his bare arms. For a few moments he could remember being David, king of the pasture, herding his father’s sheep. Samuel, the old priest, had come for dinner with the family, and had sought out David and his brothers in the fields and he’d chosen David to anoint with oil – a ritual designed to impart God’s blessing. read more…

Sermon: Pray. How?

Psalm 139, Karen J. Bowles

Our liturgy today is a little different.  There will be three parts.  And there will be only one reading.  In each of the three parts we will be considering a different part of psalm 139.  There will be the reading, a teaching and our response. I have said we are considering prayer today.  Last week we considered the why of prayer and this week we will consider the how of prayer – we will look at the content of prayer. And what better place to look than in the Psalms.  Each of the 150 psalms is a prayer.  

read more…

You are welcome here!

We are a dynamic and Affirming congregation of the United Church of Canada, with a tradition of strong preaching, fine music, and compassionate outreach.

There is a welcome here for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities, racial and ethnic backgrounds, family configurations, abilities, and economic status to attend, join, celebrate life passages, and participate with us in the call to learn, grow and serve as disciples of Christ.

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