The CRC and Fred Victor Centre

Rosedale United was one of the first donors and support for the CRC. In both fianncial resources, and volunteers for its growing Out of the Cold program, Rosedale United is proud to see this community come into its own. 

From the CRC:

"On January 1, 2020, the voluntary amalgamation of CRC and Fred Victor formally came into effect. Like CRC, Fred Victor is a community-based organization that serves individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness and poverty in Toronto. Our two organizations share a common vision in their commitment to housing, food, skill building and employment and programs and service to support people living with deep need in our community.

Our goal of coming together as one organization is to sustain and grow what both CRC and Fred Victor have been so successful in building."

On June 5th, Fred Victor will hold their annual fundraiser known as Fred’s Walk. This year, given the current situation with COVID-19, we will go on a digital journey from site to site and learn about poverty and homelessness and what Fred Victor is doing in response.   

In 125 years Fred Victor has grown from one program site to a city-wide, multi-service organization. This year the CRC merged with Fred Victor so together they can better serve the needs of people experiencing poverty and homelessness. Fred Victor is on the front lines ensuring people have access to free and affordable meals and somewhere safe to sleep at night.

Join Fred's Walk to learn about homelessness in Toronto and help raise funds to support Fred Victor. 

For more information, visit and click on Fred’s walk