Our COVID-19 Health Policy

Effective: March 1, 2022 As the Province of Ontario relaxes it COVID-19 policies, we at Rosedale United Church (RUC) are revising our Procedures as follows. We continue to place the highest importance on the health and safety of all who utilize our facilities - our congregation, employees and larger community.

Vaccinations: People are encouraged to avail themselves of the vaccines readily available to protect themselves and those they care for from serious complications, hospitalization or death caused by COVID.  We will not  mandate nor request confirmation of a person’s vaccination status.

Masks: People are welcome to wear a mask and social distance themselves in our building if they choose.  We will not ask people to wear masks.

Positive COVID Tests:  People who test positive for COVID are asked not to attend in-person events until they test negative.    

Contagious Illnesses: People who are sick (with COVID or something else) are asked not to attend in-person events until they are well again. 

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the above, please direct them to the Clerk of Session, Wendy Dryden at wldryden@icloud.com.