Minister of Community Engagement

Objectives of the Role

Rosedale United Church (“RUC”) is a Centre for Human Flourishing with a congregation of 300 households in midtown Toronto. RUC is an Affirming Ministries congregation. We embrace and welcome all persons of every race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity/expression, sexuality, marital status, physical and mental ability, and economic status. We are explicit in our affirmation of those in the LGBTQ+ community in the church.

The Minister of Community Engagement is a permanent full-time position that will be part of a ministry team, working closely with the Minister of Worship and Spiritual Care (also a full-time position).

The Minister of Community Engagement has overall responsibility for the following:

1. Social justice and compassionate outreach at RUC, working with members of the congregation and the wider local community;
2. Fostering community connections in our neighbourhood and city by organizing events and working with community partners;
3. Leading ministries for children and youth to promote a greater understanding of our core values of learning, growth, and service;
4. Managing and contributing to church communications to engage the congregation of RUC and the larger community.

The Minister leads a team which may comprise part-time associates as well as volunteers with children and youth programming. As well, the Minister partners with the Minister of Worship and Spiritual Care and the Director of Music and shares in responsibility for worship and pastoral care. The Minister is accountable to the Official Board through the Ministry and Personnel (“M&P”) Committee and to the United Church of Canada (“UCC”) through Shining Waters Regional Council, as one of the parties of the covenant. The Minister’s performance will be reviewed yearly by the Board in partnership with the M&P Committee.

This position is open to both ordained ministers and diaconal ministers, with one or more post secondary degrees or diplomas recognized by the UCC, and a minimum of 3-5 years of applicable experience.

Specific Responsibilities of the Position

Outreach and Community Development 12 hours*
• Participate in the work of the Social Ministries Council
• Support established outreach programs, such as the refugee program and the annual coat drive, and lead development of new programs to engage members and the wider local community in outreach and social justice; identify evolving needs and opportunities, leveraging sources such as the Toronto Foundation Report
• Manage relationships with community partners and oversee building use arrangements
• Proactively seek opportunities for dialogue and connection with leaders of appropriate organizations in the community

Christian Education 12 hours
• Manage and guide Christian education of children and youth
• Engage youth in active service through involvement in church outreach and social ministry initiatives
• Manage and guide the Nursery Care provider and Sunday School assistant
• Participate in the work of the Children and Youth Committee
• Support the Minister of Worship and Spiritual Care with responsibility for confirmation class

Communications 8 hours
• Participate in the work of the newly established Marketing and Communications Committee
• Collaborate with the Minister of Worship and Spiritual Care on implementing communications strategies, including generating new ideas for all content platforms
• Oversee the weekly newsletter, including managing contributors, substantive editing, copyediting, and proofreading, with exceptional attention to detail
• Manage the church website, ensuring that content reflects the vision and goals of RUC
• Develop and implement the social-media strategy, including content creation and platform management
• Guide office administrator in their support of all communications strategy

Shared Leadership in Worship and Pastoral Care 6 hours
• Participate in regular staff and committee meetings for areas of responsibility
• Contribute to an environment of trust and creativity by encouraging regular constructive review of lessons learned; support indicated actions for future aspects of the worship life of the congregation, its spiritual care, and church-initiated programs
• Plan approximately 25% of services in conjunction with the Minister of Worship and Spiritual Care, the Worship and Music Committee, and the Director of Music
• Preach at Sunday services (1 per month)
• Provide crisis care, counselling, and visitation to members’ homes, nursing homes, or hospitals in conjunction with the Minister of Worship and Spiritual Care
• Lead weddings for members of the congregation and community
• Be the second point of contact for requests for funerals & baptisms

Other 2 hours
• Hold regular office hours
• Report monthly to Official Board on matters of information and on matters requiring Official Board approval
• Set goals for ongoing professional development, growth in spiritual well-being, and overall wellness, with the support of a Spiritual Director
• Participate in the life of the regional council and/or the General Council as per the expectations of all UCC ministry personnel

* Hours per area of responsibility based on a 40 hour week. Hours may vary from week to week depending upon specific circumstances.

RUC is searching for an articulate and effective communicator with the following qualifications:

• Experience that shows initiative, passion, energy, and creativity in engaging communities and people of all ages
• Passion for Social Justice and for engaging neighbours beyond church members in the work of justice (experience in leading outreach programming is an asset)
• Experience in working with youth programming (experience with Christian education is an asset)
• Confidence in speaking about faith and leading spiritual conversations
• Ability to interact positively with children, youth, and parents
• Facility with communicating through multiple online platforms
• Good public speaking skills
• Strong teamwork and collaboration skills
• Effective organizational skills and project management skills

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