Waiting as Longing - Daily Reflections for Advent
Today, from Jocelyn Anderson
"Church of Our Lord," by Caitlin Ambery
Waiting and Hope
Prepare ye the way of the Lord. (Isaiah 40:3)
If advent is a time for waiting, it is not a time for waiting quietly – not even in lockdown. Everyone is waiting for Christmas, but the waiting is filled with rituals – with Christmas lights, with plans for virtual gatherings, with plans to buy gifts, with plans to pause for holidays…with so many traditions, albeit many that look a little different this year. All this is fundamental to advent, because we are called on not just to wait for Christ, but to prepare while we are waiting, and there is meaning in our preparations.

At their most fundamental, many of these preparations are about hopes – hopes to share joy with our neighbours, hopes to connect with old friends, hopes to make our loved ones truly know how much they mean to us, and hopes for change as the New Year approaches. The intensity of our hopes for each other and our community is one of the most powerful parts of advent. Waiting in itself can be remarkably difficult – it demands our patience, it frustrates us, it brings with it worries and doubts, and it can seem interminable…but the hope of advent can balance the darkness of waiting, and so preparation has perhaps never been as important as it is in this extraordinary year. May we all find the time to prepare with hope as we wait.

Jocelyn Anderson grew up at Rosedale United, and is currently secretary to the RUC Board. She is the Editorial and Education Director at the Art Canada Institute.