Earth Day Bingo

A North Toronto UC Cluster Competition!

Download Your Bingo Card Here

Let’s see how much the North Toronto Cluster of Churches can do together for the environment, while having a bit of fun. To help get us started, the Green Committees of the North Toronto Cluster of Churches have developed a new game: EARTH DAY BINGO!

The object of the game is for each person in your family to do as many of the activities on the Bingo card as they can between Easter (April 4, 2021) and Earth Day (Thursday, April 22, 2021). Then, on Friday, April 23, 2021, report your family’s activities to your congregation’s Green Committee by 5:00 p.m. We will provide a link to the report before Earth Day.

Everyone Gets A Card

Everyone in your family gets to complete their own Earth Day Bingo card. Every square of the Earth Day Bingo card has internet link(s) to a website that can help you complete your activities – just click on the underlined the words!

Download your Bingo Card Here

Keep Track of All the Squares Each Person Covers

Try to cover each square by completing that activity between April 4, 2021 and April 25, 2021. When you complete your card, count everything you already do, as well as the new activities that you try out. See how many squares each member of your family can cover on their card!

Let’s See How Much We Can Do for Our Planet – God’s Creation!

The total for each of the activities as completed by all members of the North Toronto Cluster Churches will be celebrated in church on April 25, 2021.

Any questions? Contact your local Green Committee member (Caroline at Do you have a great selfie showing how you play Earth Day Bingo? Send it in!

Now go forth and have fun saving the earth, one small change at a time!