While we are doing our part to minimize Covid-19's spread by staying home, there are many ways that we are called to be the church in our own living rooms. Here are some of the ways that you can help the community at large.



The church is still committed to donating to the causes that it supports, including the Red Door Shelter, Wychwood Clothing Bank, refugee families, and more. We are also committed to supporting the artists, including our choir, who would normally be participating in worship during this season.

If you wish to donate to the church, please click the link below to reach our Canada Helps Page. We are also continuing to accept cheques, PAR registrations, and e-transfers.

Donate Here

Community Donations

There are also organizations that need clear donations today. Below are some links to organizations that could use your donations to keep their programming going during the pandemic:


https://www.thestop.org/, which operates a food bank and community services

www.sanctuarytoronto.ca/, which is currently supplying our homeless community with sleeping bags and tents, as shelters become precarious.

We will continue to update this list as needed.