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Join us as we worship with members from the Order of St. Lazarus.

About the Order of St. Lazarus

Established in 1098, the Order of Saint Lazarus is one of the oldest Orders of Chivalry in the world. Themodern Order welcomes members from all Christian faiths. Brought to Canada by then Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, The Honourable J. Keiller Mackay, the Grand Priory of Canada was created in 1962 by the first bilingual act in Parliament. The Toronto Commandery was founded the same year as the first chapter Canada. It is the largest of the twelve Canadian Commanderies and is also one of thelargest in the world-wide Order of St. Lazarus. Members of the Toronto Commandery organize and attend several ecumenical and fund raising events throughout the year in support of ecumenism, leprosy, and hospice palliative care charities.