Rosedale United Church
159 Roxborough Drive, Toronto

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At our most recent Board meeting it was decided, with regret, given the current and oft-changing COVID19 situation, that it would not be possible for us to hold the Holly Berry Fair in its traditional format this year.  
We look forward to hosting you all for the Holly Berry Fair Book Sale in the Spring.
The book sale will involve timed entry registration and will take place over a number of days to accommodate the limited numbers allowed in the church building at any time. We will ensure that all appropriate health and safety measures will be in place.  The dates and timing details will be shared once finalized.

With this decision we can now put out the call for you to bring in your books!
Please deliver to the church by October 31st:
- books (hard copy and paper back) in good condition only, with no writing or highlighted sections,
- cds and DVDs of music, film, tv, video games and audio books in their original packaging,
- puzzles and games, in good condition with no missing pieces in boxes in good condition.
Please don’t bring:
- magazines, encyclopaedias, text books, or books in languages other than French or English (dictionaries between English and other languages still accepted).

It would also be very helpful if you could let the Church Office know if you plan to bring a number of boxes in at once.

Again, dates and details will follow soon. Our plans will be subject to change due to the ever-evolving nature of the pandemic.

We look forward to your support to make this a success despite the challenging times.  If you have a book sale related question, please send an email to either Wendy Dryden ([email protected]) or to Caroline Duncanson ([email protected]).

SILENT AUCTION:  The Silent Auction is temporarily on hold.  Consequently, our request for these items is different than for books.  

Please take a photo of the valuable items you would like to contribute to an eventual Silent Auction.   Please send it by email to Joanne Gooding ([email protected]) who will be keeping a tally of the items we are setting aside for an auction.  

This year, we are asking you to save these items at home until we are able to confirm the auction.  If this is not possible because you are moving, please advise Joanne so alternate arrangements can be made.

KNITTING:  Stay tuned for our next update to confirm information about RJ’s wonderful knitting contributions.

TREASURES:   This year we will not have a Treasure Sale.  

We encourage you all to share these types of items with people you know who could benefit from their use, share them with either the Salvation Army or Value Village or recycle them following the recommendations of the Toronto Waste Management department.  More on this in a separate update.