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M4W 1X7
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Mon. to Thurs., 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
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Name Email Address 416-924-0725
Rev. Doug Norris
(Team Leader, Minister for Worship)
on leave until October 15, 2018
Rev. Karen Bowles
(Minister for Pastoral Care) call 416 -670-1902
Rev. Kristin Philipson
(Minister for Children and Youth)
Wayne Strongman
(Director of Music)
Christine Hanson
(Assistant organist)
Mary Garrone (Director of Administration) .
ext. 101
Joanne Gooding
(Clerk of Session)

In Times of Crisis

John 6:1-21, 10th after Pentecost, Kristin Philipson A week ago today a young man made his way to a lively and family-friendly high street on a beautiful summer evening,...

Sermon: Settled

2 Samuel 7:1-14a, Kristin Philipson It had been a long time since David had felt this way; settled, like he’d finally been able to exhale after a long time holding his...

Sermon: Pray. How?

Psalm 139, Karen J. Bowles Our liturgy today is a little different.  There will be three parts.  And there will be only one reading.  In each of the three parts we will be...

Sermon: Pray! Why?

Karen J. Bowles Matthew 6: 5-15 Why indeed. I hope this morning we can search this question and together canvas some answers.  I am sure you have your reasons for prayer -...

Sermon: The Divine Dance

Karen J. Bowles Isaiah 6:1-11 There is a Trinity joke I want to share with you this morning. In Matthew 16 Jesus says “Whom do people say that I am?”  And his disciples...

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Rosedale United Church

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