Rosedale United Church Youth Impact Grant

The Grant:

Rosedale United Church is a long-standing congregation of the United Church of Canada, committed to a practice of the Christian faith which promotes learning, growth and service in the world. The Youth Impact Grant is an annual one-time award of $5,000 for projects initiated by young people that will help strengthen a community in Canada or abroad.  The project could be in any field as long as it is consistent with our goals of learning, growth, and service to others, will have a positive impact on the community and provide a meaningful life experience for the young person(s) involved. Successful applicants will be expected to write a brief report at the end of the project on lessons learned and how it helped to change lives for the better.

Previous recipients of the Youth Impact Grant have made and impact on their communities through projects such as:

-bringing together the hearing and Deaf communities to foster understanding and mutual acceptance

-creating a film project discussing access to mental health services for precarious youth

-planning and running workshops to help girls and women develop self-reflection, leadership, and wellness skills.


The grant is open to persons of any faith. Applicants should be between 14-25 years of age and must have a mentor.  Either individuals or teams may apply as long as the project meets the grant criteria.

Criteria: (more detail below)

The grant is designed to help a young person or persons, assisted by a mentor, fulfill a dream or goal that will help strengthen a community that is meaningful to them.  Some of the criteria that will be used to select the winning project include:

How will the project benefit the community involved?
How will it provide a meaningful life experience for the applicant(s)?
How could it be an inspiration or catalyst for other young people looking to make a positive impact?


Mentors could be a teacher, social worker, counselor, minister or other professional.  They help complete the grant application as well as filling out the mentor section of the form. Depending on the applicant’s age, experience and the complexity of the project they may also play an ongoing role in helping turn the project into a reality.  This role (if any) should be made clear in the application.


Applications for the Youth Impact Grant are now available, see link below.


All applicants will be contacted.  Short-listed applicants will be required to meet with members of the selection committee to present their project. 

For assistance or further information contact

Click here to download a copy (WORD) of the application (to be filled in and scanned or faxed back to us) 

Detailed Criteria:

The Youth Impact Grant is designed to help youth who have a vision for their community and think creatively about how they can address the root causes of social issues. We believe the community of Rosedale United Church also learns and grows when we explore giving in new ways and taking chances on projects that otherwise may not get funded. Our criteria can tell you more about what we look for. They help us choose between applicants and stay true to our vision for the award.

Here are the criteria we’re using to decide between the many great applications we receive for the Youth Impact Grant:

    • Youth-led (Mentor-supported):  The application comes from one (or more) youth ages 14-25. Throughout the process, we seek to hear mostly from the youth, with their empowering mentor supporting them as needed.
  • Community-based:  The project is community-based.
  • Community Impact:  The project should aim to have an impact in a community the youth is a part of.
  • Root Causes:  The project aims to have an impact by addressing part of the roots of an issue.
    • Youth is:
      • From the Greater Toronto Area or willing to travel to Toronto 2-3 times for engagement.
      • Part of a community with limited access to other sources of funding.
      • Not part of the Rosedale United Church congregation.
  • Learning for youth leader:  The project should help the youth develop their learning.
  • Feasibility:  The youth has a detailed budget, a plan, and practical & emotional mentoring support to make the project happen.
  • Open to relationship-building:  The youth is willing to share brief updates during the project, and report back to the congregation afterwards to help us learn from your experience.
  • The following are not factors:
    • Your faith:  Feel free to apply whether or not you or your idea has anything to do with any religion.
    • Whether you think most funders might take a chance on you and your ideas:  First time writing about your new idea you have zero experience with? Sounds like a great learning opportunity!
  • **Please note – this is unlikely to be granted to:
    • Funding fundraising events
    • Academic research projects

Please note – unsuccessful applicants from previous rounds are encouraged to apply again!

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