Blankets and Squares

For those who are visited – we find the gift of a prayer square brings comfort and an awareness of community.

For those who are baptized – the gift of a baptism blanket brings an awareness of their belonging to a community and is a physical momento of this ancient tradition.  

For those who knit or crochet these gifts there is a sense of service and of community in creating squares or blankets:  love and compassion in action. 

If you would like to be part of this ministry contact Karen Bowles at

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Sermon : ‘Tomorrow, Today’

 December 2, 2018   Doug Norris It’s all about to get nice, soon, isn’t it?  This beautiful season.  There is a prophetic tableau of this coming niceness in the big window...

Sermon: ‘Truth’ Leadership

November 25, 2018, Rev. Karen J. Bowles  2 Samuel 23:1-5 John 18:33-37 Christ the King Sunday I’m beginning to think that kids today are smarter than those of my...

Sermons : To Bless the Space Between Us

A set of reflections by, Kristin, Karen, and Doug, on the practice of greeting one another with a blessing of peace.  The audio recordings are here in sequence, and printed...

Sermon: Facing the Monumental

Kristin Philipson - November 11, 2018

Sermon : ‘Perfect. Never Less’

Doug Norris - October 28, 2018 First let me take a moment to rattle on a bit about the socio-political situation of the Jesus movement in relation to Late Second Temple...

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