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Sermon – ‘Don’t Rock the Boat, Baby’ Doug Norris

I see these three moving parts to make some remarks about today : Benjamin who has just been baptized in his home congregation, the hometown of Jesus which did not know how to handle the intensity of his prophetic ideas,

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Sermon : “Fire. Water.”

Click to hear Prayers from today’s service Doug Norris ‘The one who is coming will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with Fire….and the Holy Spirit descended upon him like a dove…  (Luke 3) Fire and water.  Judgement and

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Weekly Reflection

Here’s what we just sang, at a funeral this morning :“And was Jerusalem builded here/Among these dark Satanic mills?”   William Blake was, in addition to pondering how Jesus might have trod the green fields of England, also lamenting the challenges

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Sermon : ‘Little Is The New Big’

A Story for Christmas, by Doug Norris ——– “Hi, I’m Dave.”     “David.  But call me Dave”. He squinted in the mirror, clipped a few more loose ends from his hair, freshly cut, and considered what he saw. Not bad –

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We are a dynamic and Affirming congregation of the United Church of Canada, with a tradition of strong preaching, fine music, and compassionate outreach.

There is a welcome here for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities, racial and ethnic backgrounds, family configurations, abilities, and economic status to attend, join, celebrate life passages, and participate with us in the call to learn, grow and serve as disciples of Christ.

Artist of the Month: Brigitte Nowak

Brigitte Nowak lives in Toronto and spends summers on an island in Georgian Bay. Her paintings, in oils and in egg tempera, explore the nature of reality and illusion, the interface between the human and natural worlds and the line between observation and comment.

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